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and manage them in real time is an Internet Of Things (IoT) solution that provides an innovative way to connect physical things on a common web platform. Thanks to, you can remotely activate and monitor things from various domains like industry, energy, security and logistics. The team provides high level consulting services in the fields of IoT and M2M.

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Connect the world!

Nowadays, a growing number of communicating objects are deployed on the field. They collect useful data and allow us to act more accurately on our environment.

Due to the great variety of protocols and communication formats, it is complex to efficiently integrate and treat data via a global management platform.

Thanks to, you can manage all the data coming from your connected objects, whether they be sensors, production machines, security systems or smartmeters, and all of this in an easy, professional and secure way.

Secure, flexible and expandable

Thanks to the platform, based on the most recent technologies, you can have at your disposal a modular and flexible architecture to use on any device (PCs, mobiles, tablets, ...).

Bidirectional platform for an advanced management of connected objects, is optimized for a global treatment of exchanged data by integrating powerful tools for collecting, analysing, storing and visualising information.

Communication agents

The design of communication agents for a given hardware is complex as it is specific to its execution environment, its language and its protocol.

Relying on a major innovation in terms of design environment, allows to quickly generate new agents in order to make any type of objects able to communicate.

Business applications

View and take control of your connected objects thanks to solid business applications built in the platform Create with your mouse your own dashboards by using our powerful and flexible widgets. Set up your own rules to automate the remote control of your objects or to generate alerts.

Available API

All functionnalities of the platform can be accessed through an API, allowing you to integrate the power of our solution in your infrastructure.

Integrate data from objects in your CRM tools, control objects via your own applications or even create your own dashboards.

White label and linked accounts management

Offer to your clients under your own brand, colours and logo. This way, you will quickly be able to provide a new high-value-added service.

The linked accounts management allows you to give access of certain resources from the platform to your clients, and to allow them to manage users on their own. an agile solution

Our platform is developed thanks to the agile scrum methodology.

What does it mean:

  • We are centered around our customers needs
  • We react to change with openmindedness and flexibility
  • The results of the project are our target
  • We are constantly looking to improve ourselves

The agile methodology allows to obtain high value results constantly in line with our clients’ expectations. We aim for long term collaboration with our clients and we are always attentive to their needs. The spirit of innovation is driving us and we thrive to offer cutting edge solutions and technology.

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